Day of the Siege

I recently watched The Last Samurai on Netflix and reviewed it.  In my review, I concluded “it was the bloodiest field battle you can imagine”. Then in searching for another movie on Netflix to watch I came across this one, and the consensus of many reviewers indicated it had the “bloodiest battle of them all”.  So, I had to watch it to see.

The beginning of the movie was boring.  The first 50 minutes of this 1 hour and 50 minute movie were slow, incoherent and somewhat inconsequential, centered around Pope Marco D’Aviano preparing his Christian followers in Vienna, Austria for the anticipated attack by the Muslim Ottoman Empire, led by Kara Mustafa.  The Muslims were attempting to establish a caliphate. Sound familiar?  At that time (1683), Viennawas the second largest European city behind Rome.

The Muslims had 300,000 men while the Austrians could muster only about 15,000.  However, the Polish army was on its way to help. The bloody siege went on for about three days before the Poles got there.  When they arrived, they assembled with their canons on a nearby mountain and bombarded the Ottoman Empire to submission.  It was bloody, but the Austrians won.

In comparing this battle with the one in The Last Samurai, the latter was more interesting to watch.  It was continuous, while the Vienna battle lasted over several days and didn’t appear to be as congruous.  That, coupled with the 50 minutes of boredom at the beginning, leads me to vote “No”.

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