One of the four pillars of the Netflix/Marvel collaborative superhero thing, Daredevil is arguably their second best effort. A troubled (natch) blind lawyer fights crime by night wearing a stretchy bodysuit and a mask. His gimmick (besides being blind) is that he’s Catholic and so full of guilt he can’t see straight. He adamantly refuses to kill anyone, and this gets pretty difficult to do, considering the dangerous, psychotic criminals he comes across.

This show’s strength is really the supporting players: best friend Foggy (Elden Henson, a natural) and office manager (Deborah Ann Woll, of True Blood fame). The sub-plots starring them are easily as enjoyable if not more so. All plots, though, are leading up to this summer’s Defenders, and the villains and sidekicks from other shows keep popping up. The third season felt like a death march, propelling us to that collaboration with no time for enjoying the moment.

Is it worth it? Tentative yes, but I’d be sure to watch Jessica Jones instead if you have to choose.

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