Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Thirteen 45-minute episodes of Niel deGrasse Tyson essentially lip syncing Carl Sagan’s 1980s version was a bit painful to watch. I’m old enough to remember the original show, which I enjoyed – the Cosmic Calendar and the Spaceship of the Imagination were pretty cool back then – now? Eh. The new version, as you might imagine, has much better graphics, music, special effects, and the great deGrasse Tyson’s voice and personality, but … little else; of course, maybe that’s enough right? To me, it seemed corny and slow with very little interesting information, certainly no useful information that I could find. And yo, where was Galileo and Copernicus? Missing, that’s where. That’s like having a show about rock bands without the Beatles and the Stones.

Having said all of  that negativity I still have to give show a slight “yes” as I did slog through the whole thing, and I know they meant well.

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