Conspiracy Theory

Years ago I gave a talk on this topic, and in my research, I was surprised by how many tidbits there were that could be used as “evidence” that we never landed on the moon. NASA’s public relations department was probably the largest creator of this fake evidence. NASA released several photos that were staged on earth as part of their PR campaign to keep American citizens interested, and willing to pay taxes for the program. When those staged photos were released, either NASA did not identify them properly or they were misrepresented…and eventually misinterpreted by conspiracy theorists.

I was excited to have the opportunity to see this 44 minute review on Netflix of the question: Did we land on the moon?  The documentary covers the same issues I found…shadows that seem at wrong angles; misidentification of moon locations in released videos and photos; seemingly impossible camera angles; and several photos that are clearly doctored. This documentary goes way too far though, and also implies that NASA murdered some astronauts and a safety inspector.

It is not the most well done documentary, but I’m sure if you watch it, you will have a least a little doubt in your mind.

So I give this a mild YES.

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