This is a one and a half hour British film set in northern Scotland, taking place about 100 BC.  One thing for sure is I never heard of the Picts before watching this film. The Picts were a clan of farmer types who developed guerilla tactics in the rough mountainous and forest terrain

to combat the Romans. The Romans had pretty much conquered all of Britain south of the Pict territory and wanted desperately to conquer them too.

The Romans befriended a female Pict to help lead them north. She was a mute, having had her tongue cut out in a previous encounter.

Being guided by the mute, a legion of Romans moved north and were ambushed by the Pict.  Seems the muted lady was a spy and led them into a trap. A bloody battle ensued and all but seven Romans were killed, and the Roman commander was captured. The seven, led by the movie’s hero, set forth on foot to free their legion commander but were unable to save him. The muted lady and her squad of followers were wearing war paint and pursuing on horseback. So you thought American Indians were alone in wearing war paint? Wrong.

Slowly the seven got down to three as the others were killed. Along the way they were taken in by a young pretty lady who sheltered them in her hut. Our hero took a liking to her, but they had to leave her and proceed on their journey.

I’m not going to give the whole story away. Did our hero ever see the pretty lady again? When our hero got into a one on one duel to the death with the muted lady, who won? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

The scenery was excellent. Probably wasn’t northern Scotland, but it could have been.  The background music was loud and compelling. The acting was good and the script/directing was so so. But I liked it. “Yes”.

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