Cedar Cove

This was a three season Hallmark series about a picturesque north western coastal town and its inhabitants. Absolutely beautiful scenery. I semi-enjoyed the first season. I cooled off but tolerated the second. I couldn’t even finish the third.

Now, in all fairness, this is a chick flick and I’m far from being a chick. I’d rather watch a shoot-‘em-up.

A multitude of people are intermingling with each other in mostly nice ways; courting, getting engaged, getting unengaged, aw-shucksing each other and saying darn but never damn. The scenery was beautiful, the acting pretty good. The story line was convoluted and boring.

The show requires devoted concentration to keep up with all its characters, interactions and idiosyncrasies. I ho-hummed through it, but don’t ask me why. The producers evidently got the clue and cancelled the fourth season before production. “No”.

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