Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I debated about reviewing this one, as I really can’t believe that there are too many people out there who are still on the fence about watching it. I saw the entire series as it aired on Fox/The CW originally, and loved it. The creator, Joss Wheadon, had (still has) his finger on the pulse of cultural relevance; he either reflected the fast-paced, whimsically clever speech patterns of his characters or he created them. Doesn’t matter. The way this series has subtly permeated our collective sense of humor and of the ironic is iconic (Sorry, just had to do that. How often do you get the chance?).

Superficially, this is based on the 90s movie of the same name, but takes it a little further. Buffy is the chosen vampire slayer (but she slays other nasty stuff, too), and struggles with balancing high school (then college) and her slayer duties. It is witty, sharp, fun, and relevant. If you’re worried the characters are too “high school” for your age bracket, don’t. They are actually mini-adults who take only half-hearted stabs at teenager issues.

If you’re wondering whether you should take the time to watch the entire series again, I say a big yes to that. But don’t judge your past self for sticking with the series after the relatively abominable first episode; it’s goodness grows sharply up from there.

Giles: I’ll just jump in my time machine, go back to the twelfth century, and ask the vampires to postpone their ancient prophecy for a few days while you take in dinner and show.
Buffy: Okay, at this point you’re abusing sarcasm.

Is it worth it? Duh…

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