This British crime procedural is, if you haven’t heard, phenomenal. Set on the southern coast of England, the landscape is practically a character. It just looks so…cold. There is a disgraced, grizzled investigator at the heart — the fabulous David Tennant — but that is where all cliche ends. What he’s investigating with the help of a local policewoman is the disappearance/murder of a young boy in a very small community. The characters are multi-layered, the pace is interestingly slow, the dialog is real and succinct.

The first eight-episode season deals with the murder investigation and culminates in the arrest of the murderer. The second season is what looks like a departure, more to do with the trial of the suspect. So, different pace and structure. Some people took offense at this breach; I enjoyed it as an evolution of the story.

Was it worth it? Definitely, assuredly, yes.

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