Breaking Bad

I watched this Netflix saga about 2 years ago and liked it very much so I decided to review it. However, two years is a long time for an old guy like me to remember much, and I wasn’t about to make a go at it again. The series is five seasons (46 Hours) long, about about a high school chemistry teacher with terminal lung cancer badly needing money for his treatments and his family. So he started “cooking” methamphetamine to make big bucks, even though his brother-in-law was a DEA agent working the “meth trade”.

The only reason I’m “reviewing” it now without re-visiting the 46 hours is that, lo and behold, somebody decided to make a regular 2 hour movie by compressing the original series. I watched it, refreshed my memory and remembered how good the series was.

Unfortunately, this 2 hour re-make is no longer available.  It was made in France and evidently suffered some sort of embargo and was pulled from publication. But I had a chance to see it before it was pulled, and it reminded me that the Netflix presentation was perfection and deserves a “Yes”.

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