The First Hour:


The movie says: William Wallace grew up in rural Scotland. When he was about 8, his father died. At the funeral, a cute girl gave William a flower which he cherished. In the meantime, King Edward of England assumed rule over Scotland and decreed that any of his noblemen had the right to have sex with any newly married women before her new husband did. When William grew up, he married the “flower girl”. The local noblemen raided his village to reap “their rewards” with William’s new wife. A big battle ensued and many noblemen were killed including their leader but so was William’s wife. William roused his villagers to avenge the English. Other Scottish villagers joined in and formed a force against England with William as its leader.


True facts are: Never happened. Historians are at a complete loss as to the early life of William Wallace, other than to note he was born in 1270.


The Second Hour:


Movie says: The Irish joined Wallace to make a formidable infantry with a cavalry and set out toward England. King Edward’s effeminate son was ordered to go north and challenge Wallace but spent too much time with his boyfriend, even though he had a beautiful wife, the Princess of Wales.  The King killed the boyfriend. Meanwhile, Wallace and his army were running rampant over various English encampments in Scotland. The biggest battle ensued at Stirling, where he encountered the largest English force yet but prevailed through trickery and outmaneuvered his enemy. It was a very bloody battle, but the Scots won. Wallace was knighted.


True facts: There was a battle of Stirling, and Wallace’s army, even though greatly outnumbered, won because the English had to cross a river and were slaughtered on the bridge. He was knighted, but the Princess of Wales seems to be a myth.


The Final Hour:


Movie says: Sir William continued his efforts. A decisive battle was at Falkirk, where his army was defeated after his cavalry defected and ran. Things started going downhill from there. The only bright spot was a love affair with Coleen, the Princess of Wales. Finally he was betrayed by his friend and Wallace was captured. He was tortured by hanging, racking and was finally beheaded. King Edward died of old age at about the same time.


True Facts: Wallace was indeed defeated at Falkirk but not captured there. He served as a  diplomat, and enlisted the aid of the French in his efforts, but failed. Although Wallace didn’t capitulate, other Scottish diplomats did and accepted King Edward’s rule. Wallace was captured, tortured and beheaded in August 1305.


As a historian, I’d say “No”.  But since I’m not and only an entertainment recipient, I say “YES”.
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