Blue Bloods

I’ve viewed about 85 hours of this series so far. There’s still about 12 hours to go, but I guess I’ve seen enough to make a review.

Blue Bloods is about a family heavily involved with the New York city police department. It stars Tom Magnum, err sorry – Selleck (I’ll always remember him as Magnum). In this series he’s the New York City Police Commissioner, his father is the ex-Police Commissioner, one son is a police detective, another son is a street cop, his daughter is an Assistant District Attorney and all their last names are Reagan. How much more interesting could that be?

Netflix is showing six seasons now with about 22 episodes per season. The seventh season is still being viewed on CBS and who knows how much longer it will go. But no matter, each episode is a story (about 43 minutes) all by itself, and once you get the characters in mind, you can come and go without losing  continuity. The Reagan sub-characters include the detective’s wife, their two sons and the ADA’s daughter. They all get together every week for Sunday dinner around a big table and pretty much discuss the prior week’s happenings. It looks like the old man (ex-Commissioner) does the cooking, as there are no servants. Cops don’t make a lot of money.

I’ve been viewing these episodes for over a period of several years, and hope they keep coming. The writing, acting and directing are excellent. The scenery is so – so (what do you expect, it’s New York City?). A definite “Yes”. Keep them coming.

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