Big Trouble in Little China

This 1986 John Carpenter flick is one of the first movies that introduced the US to the weird and magical world of Chinese martial arts – ancient flying super warriors shooting lightening from their eyes. Wild and crazy. I first saw it in the theaters when it was released and I was totally baffled. I’m still a bit baffled, but I now appreciate the absurdities. It’s action packed, full of supernatural surprises, and hilarious.

A bonus is the over the top acting of Kurt Russell. Doing his best John Wayne impression, Kurt is at his campy best. Kurt is one of my favorite actors. Any movie he is in, I automatically know I will enjoy. It is amazing to me that he’s never stared in a commercial hit. (Yes, he’s in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, but he’s a supporting actor.)

Anyway, this is an easy YES. If you’ve never seen it, this film is a cult classic must.

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