30 Rock

The highly acclaimed series ran for 7 seasons, produced 138 episodes of 22 minutes each. I am ashamed to say that is over 50 hours of comedy programming. I have shame because I binge watched it over a summer. The worse part is, I’d like to do it again because I probably missed half of the humor in the show. The dialog is so dense with snarky rapid fire cultural, political and insider quips that I could never keep up.

There is a flaw though…I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere near season 4 the stories and many characters became less and less connected with reality, and, in my opinion, bordered on insanity. I don’t know if they ran out of ideas, began taking drugs, wanted to be cancelled or were trying to push a political/social agenda… it doesn’t matter I suppose. I still watched and enjoyed the show, but found the uptick in the weirdness unsettling and often repugnant.

A certain YES for this classic show.

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