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Let’s face it–sometimes you need an opinion on these things. Netflix makes everything look so good, and often obscures facts like “this movie has subtitles”, or “this TV show is actually produced in New Zealand” that may be vital to your decision making. Your time is valuable, we get that. So we’re sharing what we think of these shows, giving you some viewer opinions so you don’t have to take too much of a chance on them. Is the first episode total crap, but the rest of the season totally worth it? Even though BigName Moviestar headlined this movie, is it actually any good? We’ll let you know.

We use the very basic green check mark or big red X to let you know our final verdict. No sliding scale here. We believe it’s either worth the effort to watch it, or it isn’t. You can tell from reading the review how much we actually loved or hated it, if you care to know.

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